ExperienceTechnologies provides specialist data management services for large enterprise customers with complex & challenging requirements. We have a proven track record taking over and recovering severely distressed Data Migration Workstreams on troubled complex Global rollouts. We have a large specialist UK & offshore SAP Data Services (aka BODS) practice and deliver to many complex Global SAP Data Migrations programmes in flight today. Below are key areas where we can support:

  • Full Data Workstream outsourcing for Programmes & Projects
  • Portfolio Data Management Services (SAP & Non-SAP rollouts)
  • Data Governance, Methodology & Strategy definition and implementation
  • Master Data Management - Solutions/Applications, Leadership, evangelising enterprise stakeholders in the principles
  • Offshore development teams
  • Data Migration of 'Big Data' sets (ie >Billions records & >10 Terabytes)
  • Data Visualisation solutions
  • Turnaround specialists for distressed Data Migration/Integration workstreamsons

SAP Data Services (BODS) - Migration & Integration Solutions

We have a very strong SAP Data Services practice, our consultants have 10+ years designing & delivering migration & integration solutions across all SAP modules and many Industry Standard modules.

We can provide onshore & offshore developer, architect, lead SDS/BODS consultants with direct exposure to most verticals (Global Manufacturing Supply Chain, Auto, Pharma, Banking etc ).

We have a suite of Data Services plug-in solutions that interact directly with SAP systems/modules and your non-SAP legacy estate to provide:

  • Landscape Business Data Rule Quality profiler Metrics assigned to teams,
  • Landscape Data Reconciliation Reporting (SAP & non-SAP),
  • Supply Chain What-If Scenario Analysis (WISA) all enabled for Digital devices.
  • Master Data Enrichment & Harmonisation solutions Generic Reusable Industrialised.
  • Data Migration Load Routine platform Complex Migration jobs can be written, tested & deployed in hours instead of days.
  • Automated quality profiling
  • Automated reconciliation reporting
  • Automated metric reporting
  • Data Configuration driven process operated by users & analysts

If your Programme is struggling with Data and or SAP Data Services, we can provide you:

  • A new trusted & proven Data Migration Framework Delivery Methodology (GROMIF) along with supporting Artefacts.
  • Lead consultants that can train & mentor your existing Data team to follow the GROMIF
  • An entire workstream of Lead, Analysts & Developers (on/off shore) for fixed price deliveries
  • Turnaround Hit Squad Team(s) to recover severely distressed Data Workstreams requiring urgent remediation.

Dashboard Metric & KPI Reporting


We offer a comprehensive suite of dashboard analytic solutions enabling drill-down capability empowering senior managers to benchmark organisational segments and focus in on specific weaknesses.

The dashboards are fully configurable to cover geographic sales regions, products, services, Data Quality, RAG Status, supply chain health etc.

The dashboards come with plugins to most SAP systems (ECC, EWM, APO etc.) and several Industry Standard modules including IS-Auto.

Dashboards enable data capture allowing business users to interact with the data to triage & manage datasets for example landscape error state management and MDM processes. Dashboards can display data federated from multiple landscape systems onto large screens within call centres, on Plant floors (eg Andon) and even within dedicated workforce apps for mobile devices.

Big Data Opportunities

Big Data solutions/analytics involves the combination and examination of very large data sets to leverage actionable insight, leading to the identification of new opportunities or the reallocation of resources to maximise business utility.

We can provide a comprehensive set of consultancy services to meet the requirements of enterprise clients who are challenged by data issues across landscape systems.

Our consultants are highly skilled at creating integrated solutions crossing multiple traditional & digital platforms, independent of the underlying technologies.


We've created Big Data MDM, Single Customer/Consumer/Product Record solutions for global enterprises by matching consumers across multiple traditional and non-traditional platforms eg Oracle, DB2, Mainframe to cloud data sources, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, sCRM systems and mobile devices. We can lead these complex deliveries from design, build, implementation through to Hyprecare, Transition & even provide BAU support ourselves in our offshore centre(s).
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SMS Solutions


We provide SMS Solutions as stand alone or integrated within your existing IT landscape to improve the engagement with your employees & customers This allows you to extend your channel offering to provide additional input channels as well as status updates etc to keep your customers more informed.

More complex SMS initiatives may be automated questionnaires which we manage on your behalf. You will provide a structured list of questions targeted at a specific user base and we will manage the multiple question-response exercise on your behalf.

You have access to the results online in real-time. Taking the same concept even further we work with experiential agencies providing SMS quiz technologies helping marketing agencies provide engaging solutions for clients.

Digital Apps

We provide mobile & tablet digital solutions across the following platforms - Apple, Blackberry, Andriod, Windows. Having an Enterprise accreditation across each of these platforms, we are able to not only build apps for your customers but also create In House secure bespoke apps for internal use within your enterprise.

Apps for your Employees Improve your employee engagement by introducing a dedicated Mobile App for for your workforce. Give them a one stop shop for news content, events, useful pdf documentation and secure interaction with your legacy environment.


Helping organisations improve customer engagement, identify actionable Insight and delivering efficiency improvements through self service and automation. We have a great deal of experience working with the largest organisations in the UK, understanding the challenges they face to constantly do more with less budget. We develop leading edge integrated solutions combining the latest interaction technologies to maximise engagement opportunities for your customers/consumers & staff.
We can help generate efficiency savings, site benchmarks and behavioural insight to enable your company to improve.

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